Inspiring Conservation Through Recreation

Episode 24

Antler Shed Hunt & Ice Fishing
There are 300,000 mule deer in Utah; 81,000 Elk and 8,000 moose. Half of those animals- the males- have antlers! And those males have TWO antlers each! So put on your best hiking shoes and a backpack full of water and snacks because there are almost a half a million new antlers ANNUALLY waiting to be discovered here in our UTopia. AND For most people, the sight of fishing tents scattered across the landscape or people on buckets with a fishing rod in their hand sitting over a hole is not the least bit appealing. But we have news for you. It’s not about the fishing… it’s about the family, it’s about friends and it’s about hanging out and having fun. You might call Ice Fishing “tailgating on ice.”

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